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Listed below are links to web sites that may be of interest to you. Feel free to visit these web sites.

AIG Sun America - For information about Polaris Annuities and more -- visit this site!
AIG Sun America Mutual Funds - For information about Sun America Mutual Funds-- visit this site!
Allianz Annuity site
American Funds - For information on funds news and updates about American Funds visit this site!
EverBank - Find out about great banking and CD rates right here!
First Trust Portfolios - UITs
Jackson National Annuity Site
John Hancock Annuities - Look on the this site to learn about John Hancock Variable Annuities.
John Hancock Mutual Funds - Find out about John Hancock Mutual Funds by clicking on this link!
John Hancock New York - This link will take you to the John Hancock NY website for information on their Annuities, Retirement Plans, and Insurance. Learn about all John Hancock's products on this site!
Met Life Insurance - For information on Met Life's Long Term Care Insurance, visit this site!
Oppenheimer Mutual Funds
Pimco Funds - For information regarding Pimco Funds, please visit this website!
Principal Funds - Get news and updates, asset allocation portfolios, information on the Principal's funds, and more on this site!
RiverSource Annuities - For information on RiverSource Investments, Insurance, and Annuities -- visit this site!
Symmetry Partners - Symmetry Partners offers asset management services to high net worth investors, institutional investors (i.e. public plans, non-profits) and retirement plan sponsors. Click on this link to learn more!
The Buffalo News - The Buffalo News is updated every day with news from Buffalo, New York. Links to national and business news, entertainment listings, recipes, sports teams, etc ... click here!
The New York Times
USA Today - For news and information around the world and to find out how the market is doing, click on this link!

Because the content of newsgroups and websites changes constantly, it is impossible for us to review it all. Our firm cannot be responsible for the content of any of the above links.

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