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As a business owner you are faced with many decisions each day, some of which prevent you from looking far enough into the future to plan for your succession. Who are the people in your firm that you want to carry the torch, who can step into your shoes and carry your vision forward?

At Allaire Financial Strategies we have worked with many business owners to assist them with that process. We evaluate their Buy-Sell Agreements to make sure they are current with the tax codes and reflect a formula that makes sense; we review their employees with them to uncover who the key-people are, and we help the owner design plans to keep those people. We look to fill in any missing clause in agreements by evaluating it against our 5-step model.

We also have affiliations with professionals in other disciplines who may be brought into the team to help us achieve maximum results for the business.

Additional services we offer include a review of your benefits programs, an in-depth analysis of your retirement plans, a review of your estate tax exposure, and a coordination between your business goals and your personal objectives .

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