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A Second Opinion?

Our Offer: A Cup of Coffee and a Second Opinion

Are you concerned with the direction that your financial world is heading? Have you been receiving service and advice that reflects your goals and objectives? Is what you are doing financially aligned with these goals?

Sometimes the smartest thing you can do is to get a second opinion. You would do it if you received an opinion from a Doctor, your Financial Health is just as important. This second opinion won't cost anything or obligate you. It's just a useful way for you to get to know us, and us you, we need to both know and understand each other before we can help you focus on your life or retirement goals and objectives.

Here's our offer:

Simply contact our office at 716-862-0500 to schedule a brief meeting. The meeting will take about 17 minutes and if you stay longer, it's because you thought of other questions to ask. Bring along your most recent financial account statements. We will ask you to explain in general terms what goals you are trying accomplish with your finances, e.g. retirement, college, beneficiary goals, protection components etc. . Then we will look over what you have achieved to date.

After a few minutes, we can give you one of two general conclusions. First, your accomplishments are reasonably aligned to your goals. While we might suggest some tweaks if our firm were helping you, you are generally in good shape based on what you are trying to achieve within your timeframe.

The other conclusion is that your accomplishments and your goals are seriously disconnected; so much so that you will have headwinds that may be a challenge to overcome. At that time, we will share with you some suggestions and at that time you may elect to engage with us to re-align your focus.

If you see the wisdom of getting a no obligation second opinion, please contact our office to arrange a review. And be sure to let us know if you take cream and sugar with your coffee!

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