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College Planning

Many of the conversations we have during our year are related to College Planning and Financing. We have found the resources below to be a good beginning for our conversations with our clients. We have many additional resources. Please call our Financial and Retirement Planning office, in Buffalo NY, 716-862-0500 to discuss College Planning in depth. The earlier you begin to think about it and implement some College Planning strategies, the more success you may have in securing loans, grants and accumulating college savings.

Please call today to schedule an appointment to discuss College Planning Strategies. or E-Mail or Call 716-862-0500. A Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid, How to fill out FAFSA form Various resources for College Planning College Savings calculator Budget for College Graduation Rates for select Colleges Smart college planning Tips Estimate your College Student Aid- Repayment estimator Available work Study Programs Available Scholarships Dog Lovers Scholarship American Culinary Employer sponsosored scholarships Grants and scholarship info

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